*Los Angeles, CA – Roaring up on a Harley Davidson, Tyler Perry made his way to Regal Cinemas at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles  Tuesday evening for the premiere of his latest film, Good Deeds.  Perry wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film.  Although Madea could’ve conceivably arrived on the scene in the same rugged fashion, the imagery of Perry on on a Harley Davidson moves him further away from the dragged out character that has fueled his vast empire to date, giving his yin room to shine without the aid of his yang.

Tyler was supported at the Good Deeds premiere by cast members of past and present Perry productions, all showing their loyalty and support (and some probably looking for jobs … it’s rough in Hollywood).  Those in attendance who star alongside Perry in Deeds were Gabrielle Union; Thandie Newton; Beverly Johnson; Rebecca Romijn; Brian White; Jamie Kennedy; and newcomer, Jordenne Thompson.  Also part of the cast, Phylicia Rashad and Eddie Cibrian were absent.

Before the film rolled, Perry took a few moments to introduce the film and to reveal the reason why he decided to create it. The message, he said, was clear and simple:  “you only live once, so live for yourself and not any one else. “  Take that with a grain of salt, of course.

Following the screening of Good Deeds, the press and guests mixed and mingled at a private celebration hosted across the street at the LA Live Ritz Carlton.

Good Deeds, Tyler Perry’s eleventh feature film, premiers nationwide on February 24th.