*In a “60 Minutes” preview aired Friday on “CBS This Morning,” soulful pop star Adele belts a portion of her hit song, “Rolling in the Deep,” marking the first time she’s sung in public since undergoing throat surgery in early November. [Scroll down to watch.]

In the “60 Minutes” piece airing Sunday, she also talks about when she first realized there was something wrong with her voice and describes how she managed to communicate without speech.

“It was really hard,” she says. “I love talking… I had a note pad and an application on my phone. You talk the words into it and then it speaks it. The great thing is, I love to swear… and I found one where you can swear, so I could get my point across.”

The “60 Minutes” interview airs on CBS before the Grammys, where she’s up for six nominations, including album and song of the year.