viola davis*Recently Screen Actors Guild Award winners Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer stopped by to have a spirited conversation with Tavis Smiley about the ambivalence that some African Americans have regarding their Oscar nominations for playing maids in “The Help.”

In the clip below, Smiley starts the interview by saying:

“I celebrate the two of you. I’m delighted that you were nominated [for Oscars]… and yet I will admit to you. There is an ambivalence here…There is something that sticks in my craw about celebrating Hattie McDaniel so many years ago for playing a maid… here we are all these years later and I want you to win, but I’m ambivalent about what you are winning for.”

Davis responded: “That mindset you have, and that a lot of African Americans have is destroying the black artist.”

Check out the clip: