viola davis*In a bit of a vulnerable conversation, Viola Davis admitted in that her mother has not seen her award winning, yet controversial film, “The Help.” She says it is a painful memory for her mom.

“My mother has yet to see the movie… I think it’s just because — I think it’s painful. You have a whole generation of women who don’t want to be reminded of the past,” Davis explained, according to ET.

The actress actually went to her mother to share some of her dark memories of that era; Mom reluctantly opened up her closed book of memories to help Viola with the role.

Davis found out that the people her grandmother, who birthed 18 children, worked for treated her horribly. Working from can’t see in the morning to can’t see at night, her grandma only earned $25 a week.

“I didn’t feel people would perceive it as a fleshed out role. (I feared) that they would just see the maid in 1963 in Mississippi with a broken dialect. I wanted them to see the human being behind the uniform,” said Davis, reported CBS.

On the other hand, her mama was very proud to see her win the Screen Actors Guild Award.