bobby brown (at whitney's funeral)*Oh lord, here we go.

Bobby Brown was asked to leave Whitney Houston’s funeral today … after he got into an argument with Whitney’s family over whether or not he could bring nine people into the church with him, according to TMZ.

Brown was spotted going into the church today in Newark, NJ … but was seen leaving shortly thereafter.

According to our sources, Brown was invited, plus two, but instead showed up with an entourage of nine people. We’re told Bobby became upset when he found out they would not seat his whole party.

Our sources say Bobby wanted to sit with his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, but Whitney’s family was not having it.

We’re told Rev. Jesse Jackson tried to smooth things over … but to no avail.

Then, there is  this interesting tidbit from Us Weekly:

“He was allowed to go in, pay his respects and then he had to leave,” says a witness. “He was red-eyed going up to the casket and then left. He was there for 15 minutes.”

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