whitney houston*Whitney Houston was the darling of popular music, peeling off note after glorious note and leaving fans mesmerized.

This was the classy Whitney, an elegant and endearing Whitney draped in jewels, tailored in expensive gowns and sporting that million dollar smile. Off stage, Whitney had a reputation for speaking up for herself and making demands.  This trait is applauded in men and often times regarded  in less than favorable terms for women.   This was the sassy Whitney.

Although in her case, during many of the times when she was being most outspoken, her sobriety was much in question. Such was the case the day she called New York’s WBLS radio host (at the time) Wendy Williams to set a few things straight on the air in February 2003.  EURweb has this excerpt from the RadioScope Archives.

Whitney Houston was a fiery spirit who entranced her fans for the full distance of her journey.  Some memories are etched with joy, some with sadness, some with laughter and some with the same questions that plague those who dare the understand the mysterious nature of those we call “stars.”