*One of the most entertaining series’ on television is Basketball Wives.

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Entering its 4th season, the series has started off with a bang and entering episode 5 we didn’t expect any less.

In this week’s episode, the tag team of Shaunie and Tami confronted Jennifer concerning issues they’ve had with her attitude recently; and Kesha begans to divulge information about her biracial past.

Here’s a quick preview of what happened:

To help the ladies get to know her, Kesha invites Royce and Suzie to her hometown in Drexel, N.C. True to country form, Kesha drives the ladies around in a pickup truck as she tells them about the love story between her white mother and black father and the racism she’s experienced. At dinner, Kesha and her fellow biracial friends explain the hardships of growing up biracial in a small town and being outcasts in both the white and black communities. The experience helps Royce and Suzie to further understand their new cast mate.

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