*Just last week, we learned that Whitney Houston had a son who she took in from another family named Nick Gordon.

Whitney reportedly took in the kid when he was 10 years old. He allegedly built such a strong relationship with Bobbi Kristina that they called themselves “brother” and “sister.”

Well, while this may not be incest, the reports that they are both now dating may bother some.

But does it bother you? And if so, why should you care?

Here’s an excerpt from a piece from our partner site, MadameNoire.com, on the issue:

Nick retweeted several positive reactions from followers as well who showed their approval for his and Bobbi Kristina’s relationship and the support he’s shown for her throughout her loss. One message read, “No blood relation, he was only taken in by Whitney at age 12… Can see how that might happen;” and another, “As long as you two continue to be there for each other, that’s all that matters. =)!” The nature of Nick’s reaction to gossip reports begs the question, is there really a scandal here?

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