charlie wilson*Charlie Wilson’s career was built to last. Who knew, given his wild past?

The rejuvenated R&B singer has proven to the world he’s got what it takes to evolve and stay alive in the industry.

With his foundation as the lead singer of the Gap Band, the singer’s success wasn’t without its trying moments.

And in the wake of Whitney Houston‘s death, Wilson — who knew her, opened up about his drug of choice.

“I try real hard,” Wilson tells The BoomBox. “First of all, I left alcohol and drugs behind me and that was one of the things that weighs a lot on your shoulders. It’s been 18 years [of sobriety] for me, nothing but water. It allowed me for all these years to just focus on music.”

He added that drugs were also a huge part of his life. It took him on a ride that he does not think about going back to, admitting that his love was cocaine. He ended up homeless, desperate for rescue.

He made it though.

Throughout the years, Wilson has worked with artists like Mystikal, Kanye West, and Snoop Dogg.

And since his return to music, he’s leading the charts with his latest project “Just Charlie.” It doesn’t stop there.

“I’m on it right now, trust me,” Wilson reveals. “I got about eight or nine [songs] already done. We’ll see what’s going on. So many producers [are] trying to come to the table, so I’ma see what that’s going to be about.”