denzel washington*Denzel has a bone to pick with the movie industry.

The dynamic award-winning actor is challenging major movie groups, telling Entertainment Wise they only seem to look at franchise films like “Twilight.” He believes the real art is in smaller productions.

“Studios are now owned by big corporations, so all the decisions are made in a completely different way. The big studios are more interested in their big tent pole movies and farm out the rest of it and take distribution deals.”

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He even went as far as to say true movie watchers can’t depend on major studios to produce good work.  and being the big star he is, Washington doesn’t discriminate against small budget films. His next production, “Flight” is due out later this year; working on the film he made a small fraction of his usual salary.

He argues that studios aren’t interested in quality anymore and would rather capitalize on pop culture’s pool of popularity.

“Now they’re looking for ‘Mission Impossible 6’ or ‘Twilight 4.’ Studios will take the credit for smaller movies if they get Oscars but I get it, we’re in tough economic times. If I loan someone $50million, I want my money back, I don’t want to hear ‘We blew it but had a nice time making the movie.'”