dwight freeney*This morning, NFL star Dwight Freeney finds himself in a money mess trick bag made by his financial advisers.

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Two of the people he trusted to give him financial advice, allegedly sacked him in an embezzlement scheme involving millions of dollars, luxury hotels, and a private jet, TMZ is reporting.

According to the Federal complaint — obtained by TMZ — Eva D. Weinberg and Michael A. Stern were busted last week after a lengthy investigation revealed how they “conspired to defraud victim D.F., a professional football player.”

According to the docs, Weinberg is a financial advisor at Bank of America who worked with Freeney, controlled several of his accounts, and eventually introduced him to Stern … who is also a financial advisor.

The feds claim Weinberg and Stern did major damage between May 2010 and October 2011 — making $2.2 million in fraudulent transfers from Dwight’s accounts to Arms Reach Consulting — a company controlled by Stern.

Freeney finally noticed one of the bogus transfers in 2011 — according to the docs — and also discovered Weinberg and Stern were dating. Freeney got suspicious and called the FBI … which launched an investigation.

One FBI investigator says some of the items Weinberg and Stern purchased with Freeney’s cash include expensive sunglasses, stays in luxury hotels, and — best of all — they planned to buy a private jet for $1.5 million!

Feds say they tapped Stern’s phone and heard him bragging … “no one would be able to connect him to the [consulting] account if the wire transfers were investigated.”

Clearly he was wrong … agents arrested Weinberg in L.A. and Stern in Miami. Both were charged with wire fraud.

Like they say, with “Friends” like these, who needs enemies?