Jaleel White (Dancing With The Stars)*“Dancing with the Stars” is getting ready to wow America once again with a great, star studded line up of dancers, including the one who made Steve Urkel popular, Jaleel White.

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As his dance floor debut draws near, h the 35-year-old star sat down to dish on his multiple upcoming projects, fatherhood and his off-screen relationship with Kellie Shanygne Williams (Laura Winslow on “Family Matters”) – the long-desired object of Urkel’s bespectacled, suspendered affection.

“It was very brother-sisterly,” Jaleel said of his off-air status with Kellie. “She’s married now and we both have children. She moved back to Maryland and I think that was a good move for her. She’s readapted to real life and motherhood.”

Adding, “Kellie’s wonderful – she’s great. I always thought she was an incredibly underrated actress.”

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Life has been good for White. Hanging with friends and doing his thing in the industry have been making things a lot smoother. But being a father is his primary focus.

The daddy of a two-and-half little girl, he’s glad to play this new permanent role in life.

“She’s old enough to understand that Daddy goes to work, she is old enough to understand that Daddy’s work puts him on the TV,” Jaleel told Access of his daughter’s comprehension of his career. “She will come hit me over the head with the ‘Judy Moody’ DVD and say, ‘Put Daddy in!’ and I think that’s really awesome.

“People ask all the time, ‘Does she know what you did?’ and I say, ‘No! You’re old, she’s young!” he added, laughing. “She knows me from ‘Judy Moody’ and the Cee Lo video [‘Cry Baby’].”

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