economy (money)*(Via Yahoo News) – When something happens once, it’s a phenomenon.

When something happens twice, it’s a coincidence.

When something happens three times, it’s a trend.

That’s an old journalistic rule of thumb. And by that rule, February’s employment report confirmed that we have a trend of decent employment growth. (Sorry, Republicans)

The headline number showed that the economy created a net 227,000 jobs in February. When the economy began to create jobs in significant numbers, analysts frequently pointed out that a job creation rate of 150,000 per month was barely enough to keep up with population growth, and wasn’t enough to make a dent in unemployment. Now we’re finally getting that growth. February marked the third straight month in which payroll jobs rose by more than 200,000. Gains could be seen in a range of industries: professional and business services, manufacturing, and health care. The construction and retail trade sectors shed positions.

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