marvin sapp (I win)*Marvin Sapp’s new CD & DVD I WIN will be in stores April 3, and the CD can be pre-ordered now at iTunes, and

The project, recorded live at Evangel Cathedral outside of Washington, D.C., is the artist’s first CD since the passing of his wife MaLinda – who died of colon cancer in 2010.  As such, it is also the first live CD recorded outside of Sapp’s Grand Rapids, Michigan, hometown.  Still, I WIN is indeed a musical triumph, with 10 brilliant tracks that reinforce Sapp’s sentiment that “because I endured, I won.”

The first single, “My Testimony,” is quickly approaching the #1 position at Gospel radio.

“It is a transparent, introspective look at what I came through and how, in the midst of it all, I still maintained and am maintaining my faith,” Sapp says of the single, which he co-wrote with Aaron Lindsey.  “I think that’s the difference…it is about how I realized that if it had not been for God being there in the midst of everything, I would have been taken out.  ‘My Testimony’ is more about me sharing how I got through it, not just that I got through it.”

The title track is a soul-stirring ballad that declares “I am an over comer/I know I can conquer anything/with Jesus I am an over comer/I can win…”  The song was written by newcomers Brittney A. Wright and Joshua A. Lay.

A few new songwriters are showcased on I WIN, because Sapp issued a call via Facebook and Twitter for song submissions.  He listened to more than 2,000 songs before finding a few that represented the tone of this CD.

“I think part of my assignment is to give unknown writers and opportunity to be heard on a national scale,” says Sapp, who has always given a chance to up and coming songwriters.  “My prayer is that their names and work will now become a little more prominent.”