melanie fiona*Melanie Fiona is officially a Grammy award winner.

The rising star has gained popularity quickly with her classic style and fun personality She’s dominated music charts and taken radio waves by storm as she’s worked with icons like Nas, Drake, John Legend, J. Cole and Cee Lo Green.

Due out on March 20, the singer is ready to explode eardrums with the latest production, “The MF Life.”

In a recent interview with The Boom Box, she talked about her new album, her long relationship with whom we know now as Drake, and her eclectic style of music.

Regarding the first album, she revealed that she had experienced a really tough break up and she saw her life playing out through her music.

“It’s interesting because on the first album I experienced a really bad breakup and on this album I experienced a really bad breakup. I actually wrote all the songs that I ended up living, before I lived them, which is really crazy. I found myself with all the records that I wrote in succession and they actually told the story of what happened in that relationship. I was in the relationship and at the time; I didn’t foresee it ending.”

She was also asked about being in a Canadian group called Renaissance with Drake  (Aubrey Drake Graham) back in the day. She talked about their relationship over all:

“I’m so proud of him because when I met Aubrey, when I met Drake, he was 17. He was on (the TV show) ‘Degrassi’ and he had this fire that needed honing. He was so talented and everyone around us felt that. We all had a mutual respect for each other and we would jam out, provide dinner entertainment music at these supper clubs in Toronto. It was just a good time in our lives. We were fun, young, budding artists in Toronto and we found the best of the best. It was me, him, a super talented singer by the name of Anne Clark and now, Drake’s current keyboard player, D10. Of course, we were all working on solo careers and now we get to look back and laugh at how goofy we were then. It’s great reinforcement to know that you were on the right path, with the right people, when you can see that you end up in the same place, individually.”

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