torii hunter

Torii Hunter

*Many sites love to focus on the hot players in basketball and football, but what about the hottest baseball stars.

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These guys not only have to deal with the sun, sand and grass year round, but they also have to stay in tip top physical condition for 162 games. We are sure that means a lot of time in the gym and the result are great looking bodies.

Let’s take a look at the first person on the list, Los Angels of Anaheim star Torii Hunter. What do you think of this guy, ladies?

Torii Hunter, Los Angeles Angels (age 36)

Torii is one of  our “older men” in the bunch (in sports, anything over 35 is considered ancient) but he can still catch a ball with ease. Plus, he gives us a nice “distinguished” look on field too.

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You won’t be disappointed.