*Montel Williams isn’t someone most folks associate with political opinions.

But recently on the Piers Morgan show, he went at it with his thoughts about Rush Limbaugh and his opinions about Republicans.

Williams protested that the conservative political party is out of line when it comes to terms of war and sending “our children to die.” he also spoke out against rush Limbaugh’s vilification of law student Sandra Fluke.

“I don’t know if there’s an apology that is great enough,” Williams told Morgan in response to a question about Limbaugh’s comments that Sandra Fluke, a law student, was “a slut and a prostitute.” “I have three daughters,” Williams explained, and while he would attack people for their politics, “I am never going after a person’s soul- that was someone’s child, how dare you?”

He was so appalled by the audacity a person of his stature and popularity to say what he did, particularly in public at a time like this during presidential campaigning.

Check out the full interview below: