*When President Obama was elected into office, one of the many things people all over America thought about was: “What does this mean for African Americans?”

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Will it be like the Clinton years which Blacks tend to think were the best for them, or will they be like the Bush years where unemployment ran high, Hurricane Katrina and the displacement of many African Americans occurred, and other issues affected the community.

What do you think?

Well here’s what frequent EURweb contributor and NewsOne columnist Dr. Boyce Watkins thinks:

Black history may soon find that it is defined by one line of demarcation:  BB (Before Obama) and AB (After Obama).   There might even be some historical reference to the volatile period called DB (During Obama), where an archive will contain images of black people going to blows over where our community should be positioned on the Obama issue.

The Obama presidency, unfortunately, has done more to divide black leadership than any event in the last 100 years.   There are those who’ve chosen to side with the winning team, refusing to critique the Obama Administration on even the tiniest issues.  Such criticism is readily interpreted as an assault on the absolute dictatorial authority that the Obama Administration seeks to maintain over African American political activity; they give us their agenda, not the other way around.  The seemingly silly idea of “free Democratic thought” is as dead as the 8-track tape.

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