spike lee*Spike Lee is helping a young, hopeful movie producer, reach his film goals by helping him produce a film about manic depression.

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The son of Ray Dialo, who runs a $80 billion Bridgewater Hedge Fund, Paul Dialo, is aspiring to become a filmmaker. And for his debut, he will share with the world something he suffers from through a film called, “Mania Days.”

The story centers on a “manic depressive rapper who gets involved with a manic depressive poet in a passionate affair that results in pregnancy,” reports Shadow and Act’s Tambay

Spike Lee will be pretty involved with the project as the overseer and plans to be hands-on.

Dalio (junior) is a graduate of NYU’s MFA program, just like his idol Spike.

The production is still in the early stages, as casting hasn’t even been thought about.