sue simmons*Award winning and #1 ranked anchorwoman for New York’s WNBC Channel 4, Sue Simmons, has been let go from the station.

Last week, the network owned & operated/flagship station informed the 68-year-old faithful newswoman that her contract will not be renewed and she can see her way out the door.

As we said,  it’s been over 30 years for Simmons and it’s about time she gives it up right?

Well, not so fast. Her partner anchor Chuck Scarborough is also 68, but the station gave the man three more years.

She was actually told by an insider that this was coming about a year ago, but it was kept on the hush since it didn’t come from the big bosses up at top.

However, some are a bit confused by the whole situation, being that she’s still a top rated anchor and her popularity rating is high. Not to mention she’s pretty classy, minus the “What the f**k are you doing?” on air blunder she apologized for. She’s still a looker and keeps the audience engaged.

Peers and friends are at a loss, looking for a reason for her departure.

Simmons, who grew up in New York, got her start in New Haven, and later worked in Baltimore and as a correspondent and anchorwoman in Washington, D.C. from 1976 to 1980. She came to Channel 4 in 1980.

Simmons is the highest paid news anchor at a local station the country. At least she is until June, when it’ll all be over.

chuck scarborough & sue simmons

Scarborough and Simmons