hoodies at church

*John Piper writes …

Racial tensions continue to rise just as I prepare to go to New York next week to talk with Anthony Bradley and Tim Keller about race and the Christian.

I watched a video on Wednesday of an African American pastor who said that recently he was denied service at a convenience store. The woman behind the counter said, “We don’t serve your kind.” That’s 2012 not 1962.

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From Miami to New York to the Twin Cities frustration over the Trayvon Martin case grows. Seventeen year old Martin was killed on February 26 in Sanford, Florida by George Zimmerman. Martin was black. Zimmerman is Hispanic.

Zimmerman was a volunteer neighborhood watchman in a gated community, armed with a semiautomatic handgun. Martin was unarmed. Zimmerman claims self-defense.

What has enflamed this situation are the pieces that simply don’t add up. Zimmerman is a hundred pounds bigger and ten years older. He had the gun, not Martin. Reportedly he has been arrested before on assault charges. As he was following Martin in his truck, he called 911 and was told “we don’t need you to do that.” The police were on the way. But Zimmerman followed him anyway. His comments on the 911 recording (I listened to them) suggested possible racial frustration that “they always get away.” Martin’s call to his girlfriend suggested he was troubled by being followed. Not all the witnesses corroborate Zimmerman’s story.

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