the dream*Music producer The Dream took a big bold leap out on a limb all by himself recently when he told the Guardian over the weekend that Black people can’t make good Soul music anymore.

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As Adele soars off the charts with her smoky ballads, the producer and singer questions whether or not Soul is still a thing only made by Black singers anymore.

“It’s called rhythm and blues; they just took the blues out of it for so long. What’s crazy is that blacks can’t do soul records any more. We love Adele singing it, but Beyoncé singing it? No,” said The Dream.

Wow. So perhaps he’s dismissing all the other singers who are still making soulful records with a darker skin tone.

He says, however, that Black business is in club music now.

“No, the tempo’s too slow, gimme the club hit. Now the blacks in America are responsible for the pop records, and everybody else is singing soulful records,” he said. “It’s weird to me. We’re pigeonholed over there.”