black woman sleeping*Whenever we wake up to get ready for work, many of us just jump in the shower and head straight to work with our heads all over the place.

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But many of us can do plenty of things right after we wake up that can go a long way in making our morning and afternoon at work better than it would be if we didn’t do it.

Did you eat breakfast? Did you stretch? Did you stay away from the computer?

Here are 7 tips from our partner site, Madame Noire.

Here’s 1 of them:

Get Enough Sleep

A good and productive day starts with getting enough hours of sleep the night before. Although everyone has their own length of time they need, studies have proven that at least six to eight hours of sleep will help fuel the average adult. Being restless could be the beginning of a very long day, so try getting these much-needed hours instead of staying up and watching re-runs you’ve already seen is key. They may be tempting, and that last scoop of ice cream at midnight sounds like heaven, but fueling your body with sleep is the most effective way to enjoy your night and be fully prepared for what comes the next day. Your body will thank you for it in the morning.

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