black man thinking*One of the many issues affecting black men in this country is the high levels of incarceration rates along with unemployment that are forcing the men in our community into depression levels.*

Many black women bear the brunt of this as many black men are either in jail, unemployed and uneducated. Black women across the country are single in droves because they may not find a mate up to their standards, or feel there aren’t any good ones out there anymore.

But there are…

A recent news story you will learn more about below focusing on the “Detroit 300,” shows an effort by hundreds of black men to change the course of their communities and the young boys and men in them.

Here’s an excerpt of the piece:

Last week the Detroit 300 announced that they had declared war on the city’s crime element. This declaration came as a response to the accidental shooting of a 9-month-old child in Detroit earlier in the week. Donned in all black, with some of the 300 wearing ski masks, the group held a press conference, in which they said that they are planning to organize unafraid men all over this city to run the undesirables away.

Rapheal B. Johnson, president of the crime fighting organization said, “We don’t care what gang, crew or clique you claim. When you kill babies in this city, you are our enemy. There is nothing to talk about…We are not going to host prayer gatherings for you or hold a candlelight vigil for your transgressions against the community. We are going to hunt you down and bring you to justice.”

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