raffles van excel & whitney houston

Raffles van Excel & Whitney Houston

*A close friend of the late Whitney Houston confessed to cleaning up the hotel room after learning of her death.

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Raffles van Exel confessed to British publication The Telegraph on Feb. 15 that he was there on the scene to make things ‘pretty’ before authorities got there, reports Celebuzz.

“The room had to be emptied,” he said. “Someone had to do it.”

Although he made the risky confession, the friend didn’t tell the news outlet what he removed.

The singer died from an accidental drowning in her hotel bathtub with effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use, according to reports.

Authorities are still investigating where she acquired the drugs that may have caused her death.

As far as this out of the blue confession from van Exel, he claims to be a “highly respected entertainment consultant.” But his relations to Houston and others have been the focus of investigations by two websites.