Media personality Egypt Sherrod

rosalind morgan

Rosalind Morgan

Recently the African Americans community has been an uproar over a series of violent events that have shocked our collective consciousness.

One of which actually happened in 2005 but has since been thrust back upon the media stage. It was the shooting of off-duty Chicago police officer Howard Morgan. A veteran with 20 years of service, he was shot 28 times by uniformed officers in what they say was an act of self-defense, and he was recently sentenced to 40 years in prison because of the events that transpired prior to his shooting.

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The officers, three of which were white, alleged Morgan fired upon them first and that they returned fire afterwards. Mr. Morgan had no prior incidents of mental instability, drug use or alcoholism yet it was successfully argued by prosecutors that he just “snapped.”

Radio personality Egypt Sherrod of Atlanta’s V103 recently interviewed Morgan’s spouse, Rosalind. Before you listen to the interview, we have to warn you it’s very difficult to listen to for the simple fact that it is future validation of the reality of being a black male in America. In this instance that reality appears to have manifested even if one is trying to enforce the laws of America.