no service to blacks*A new survey written from the perspective of waitstaff throughout the U.S. is complete.

Now don’t get nervous if you were out last night at the local Applebee’s behaving badly and leaving a disgraceful tip … own it!

You and the 10 other black people that have been out there misrepresenting African Americans have built a stereotype, according to the waitstaff in the survey, that gives a little more than 4 percent chance that the rest of us have had someone spit in our food.

But, I’m not so sure that all of these waiters and waitresses can attribute their poor service to that excuse. Some simply do not like us.

Surprise! Surprise! If they are truly racist, the thought of them having to wait on black people probably makes their skin crawl.

The “in-depth” survey/interviews on racism in America’s large chain restaurants was reported by two sociologists.

The waitstaff interviewed consisted of 200 participants of which 87 percent were white. These white waiters and waitresses experiences have not been good, to say the least.

They were asked who were the worst people to wait on and their response was overwhelmingly: African Americans.

The key findings in the survey were (more…)