ruben studdard*Ruben Studdard is at the center of a frightening reality.

Now nearly 400 pounds, the big (velvet) teddy bear of a guy is now the center of his family’s worry since his health is at risk because of his recent weight gain.

Sources told the National Enquirer that his family is afraid death may come knocking at his door a lot sooner than expected.

“Now his loved ones fear he will die tragically young,” says a source. “He agrees he needs to get help, and everyone is praying he’ll succeed.”

He previously lost 60 pounds and was off to a great start, but quickly after his divorce came up and other court battles involving the marriage, his weight flared back up and now it’s in a worse place.

Studdard  made an appearance on Atlanta’s “Good Day Atlanta (Fox)” last week but did not discuss his alleged struggle.

“It’s just a great opportunity to have an outlet to express yourself musically,” Studdard told Good Day Atlanta. “Just to have the ability to have a ninth or tenth single and five albums is a blessing for me.”