whoopi goldberg *Whoopi Goldberg is an outspoken woman and has no shame in what she believes.

“The View” co-host said she totally supports journalists saying the full n-word. But she isn’t alone. CNN’s Don Lemon actually initiated the conversation.

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Lemon said, “I hate saying ‘the n-word.’ I think it takes the value out of what that word really means. Especially when we’re reporting it. And I don’t care what color the reporter is. I think someone should say, that person called someone ‘nigger,’ instead of saying ‘the n-word,’ because I think it sanitizes it.” Lemon added that he hates the use of the word in music and when it’s used for misogynistic purposes. “What I’m saying is in the reporting of a story, you should say the word,” he said.

Goldberg professed that it’s not a word that needs to be eliminated.

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“It’s part of our history,” she said.

“If I were quoting somebody else, and it’s intrinsic to what the person was saying, then you have to be able to say it,” Walters said.

“That’s what reporters are supposed to do,” Goldberg said.

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