Arsenio Hall and Adam Corolla on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" (May 20, 2012)

*Donald Trump said “I’ve never been so torn,” before announcing whether Arsenio Hall or Clay Aiken would be crowned this year’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

“I’ve been a runner-up before. I’m going to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” vowed Aiken, who was lost out on the “American Idol” title in 2003 to Ruben Studdard.

But when all was said and done, Aiken is a runner-up again. Arsenio was announced the winner on the live broadcast. In the final “Apprentice” task — throwing a charity fundraiser — his team raised $167,100 for his charity, the Magic Johnson Foundation. Clay raised $301,500 for his charity, the National Inclusion Project, a foundation he started for children with disabilities.

Before the crowning and confetti, Trump welcomed back nearly all of the fired star cast members to discuss how they’re doing and how they felt about the season. Lou Ferrigno announced that after having surgery six weeks ago, he can now, for the first time in life, hear without a hearing aid. Aubrey O’Day apologized if anyone took anything she did or said throughout the season personally. Adam Carolla felt humor wasn’t a bonus on the show. “It helped about as much as it helps in golf or porn — not a lot.”

And Penn Jilette, who had butted heads with Aiken throughout the season, said he thought Aiken should win. “He worked wicked hard.”

Dee Snider and Debbie Gibson also said Clay should win the title. Lisa Lampanelli said she wanted Clay to win, but added that Arsenio deserves a late-night talk show. Dayana Mendoza and Teresa Giudice were rooting for Arsenio.

Watch Arsenio announced as the winner below.