paul williams*What a really tragic story.

Thirty year-old boxer Paul Williams has been left paralyzed after a motorcycle accident near Atlanta this weekend, according to his manager.

George Peterson, who manages Williams, said the fighter has no feeling below his waist.

“From the waist down, he has absolutely no movement. He’s in very good spirits, though,” Peterson told The Associated Press from his home in Aiken, S.C. “He still believes he’s going to fight again.”

Peterson said the accident occurred on Sunday morning when Williams swerved to avoid making contact with a vehicle and lost control of the motorcycle. He was estimated to be going about 75 miles per hour. Williams had been in Marietta, Ga., for his brother’s wedding, and the accident occurred on the way home from the bachelor party.

Williams is scheduled to undergo surgery Wednesday to stabilize his spinal column. Peterson added that “in terms of [Williams] walking again … that will never happen,” but the fighter does have full use of his upper body.

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