brandy*For those waiting for a joint tour featuring Brandy and Monica, the possibilities are there.

However, the singer and former “Moesha” star feels that it may be a while before the outing becomes a reality despite the success of the pair’s second collaboration, “It All Belongs to Me.”

“Honestly, we haven’t really talked about it since we stopped promoting “It All Belongs to Me,” Brandy confessed to Bark Bite. “I just honestly think Monica and I are in different places in our music. And my vibe is a little bit different this time around so I don’t know. I kind of wanna do my own thing,” Brandy says. “I definitely feel like the fans would want a tour from us, but I don’t know, I just feel like I’m being pulled in a different direction. I’m definitely still open to it, but right now I’m looking in a different way right now for me.”

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The tour may be on the fence, but one thing fans can be assured of is the arrival of Brandy’s forthcoming album “Two Eleven,” which is slated to hit stores later this year. To build anticipation for the project, the singer gearing up to shoot the video for “Two Eleven’s” second single, the Chris Brown-featured “Put It Down.” In the meanwhile, don’t look for Brandy to join the folks who have watched her “Behind the Music” episode on VH1. According to the entertainer, it will not happen anytime soon.

“I actually have never seen it. I lived it and I was definitely open in talking about it, so there’s no need for me to watch it. It felt like a weight was lifted and I appreciate VH1 wanting to do a Behind the Music with me because it was so needed for me just personally and emotionally,” said Brandy. “Just being able to tell my story and be very transparent with the people that loved me for so long and also, to reach the people that were confused about the things that happened or were judgmental or whatever the case may be. I was able to confront that. And taking responsibility always relieves you in so many ways. So it was very liberating for me, and I was so glad I did that because now I don’t have to talk about any of that anymore. It can really be about going forward and what my music represents and what my life is and my purpose.”