brian banks

Brian Banks

*Despite befriending the woman who falsely accused him of rape, former Long Beach Polytechnic High School football star Brian Banks is seeking financial payback from the state of California.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a judge threw out Banks’ conviction last week. Wanetta Gibson, a then-15-year-old high school sophomore at Long Beach Poly High, accused Banks of raping her and received a $1.5 million payment from a civil suit brought by her mother against Long Beach schools. As a result, Banks, a star middle linebacker, spent five years in prison after pleading no contest to forcible rape.

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At this time, there are no immediate plans for prosecutors to charge the now 24-year-old Gibson with making false accusation as it would be tough for prosecutors to prove. According to Lisa Massacani, a spokeswoman for the Long Beach Police, there is no official investigation in to Gibson’s conduct, but  officers are “reviewing the matter” and “will be in consultation with the district attorney’s office following the review.”

In the meanwhile, things have apparently been put to rest between Banks and Gibson, as Gibson friended Banks on Facebook after he got out of prison. Although she admitted to Banks that she lied about being kidnapped and raped, Gibson has refused to repeat her story to prosecutors because of her fear that she would have to return the money she received from the civil suit.

During a second meeting that was secretly videotaped, she told Banks, “I will go through with helping you, but it’s like at the same time all that money they gave us, I mean gave me, I don’t want to have to pay it back,” according to Freddie Parish, a defense investigator who was at the meeting.

With his new found freedom, Banks is looking to rebound from his stint behind bars. According to the Times, the former football standout, still hopes to play professional football.