Lori King on red carpet (Photo Kevin McClellan)

*At a time when getting a deal with a major record label is slim to none, and mainstream radio is restricted to monotonous repetitive playlists, it’s refreshing to know there is a group of artists who are undaunted and fearless in their pursuit of musical expression. One such artist is singer Lori King who was honored with an award for Best Female R&B Artist 2012 at the First Annual Indie Music Channel Awards held recently at Hollywood’s House of Blues.

There’s sultry; and then there’s ultra-sultry – the latter befitting King’s persona as she took to the stage to showcase two songs from her new CD Still In Love (the title track which was also nominated for Best Song).

lori king cd coverThe audience was held captive like a lioness holding onto her prey as she sang with such prowess, conviction and believability, accentuated by her every sensual, curvaceous move. She’s the whole package inside and out. Released on Detroit Town Records, the CD is produced by 8-time Grammy Award winner Michael J. Powell – a remarkable musician best known for his work with Anita Baker. The 11-song set is chock-full of surprises including a fantastic cover of  Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” and Bread’s “Make It With You.” Interestingly, on the third track “Lovin’ You Lovin’ Me,” Powell seems to have mined a Quincy Jones’ production vein of a song he recorded on Aretha Franklin called “Master Of The Eyes” – a song I always thought deserved more exposure (kudos to Powell for going down that path whether intentionally or unintentionally).

King – a native Detroiter – continues a long line of great singers/musicians of that region, prompting the comment “It must be in the water” in reference to the Great Lakes. Listening to Still In Love, there’s no question Powell has tapped a wellspring that continues to spout great timeless music. From breathy bedroom nuances to powerhouse tones, King’s voice caused one intrigued fan to say, “…Lori King has a very interesting sound that draws you in.” Said King, “This is very exciting…Michael J. Powell produced this fabulous album and I’m just excited to get it into the hands of people all over the world.” Brian Spears who is Powell’s business partner handling licensing, publishing, and administration said, “Michael Powell who is President of Detroit Town Records [we call it D-Town] introduced me when they were recording the album and I fell in love with Lori’s music…Lori’s got a hit on her hands!”

SharBaby (Blues)

Other nominees and/or award winners in various categories included Bonnie Paul; SharBaby; Marcus Dyson; Rap Duo Real Wolfish and Real Stranger; Brett and Marney Hardin of  the band 13B; Magda Kaminski; Samille Johnson; and Sweet Claudette.  (Photos available)

Brian Spears, Steph K & Cornelius Grant

Of  Note: Stephanie K who is King’s D-Town labelmate won in three categories for Best Female Pop Artist, Best Female Pop Record, and Best Female Pop Song. They all had nothing but expressions of gratitude for Christopher Ewing, the Founder and CEO of  the Indie Music Channel.

Larry, Lori & Christopher


Ewing said, “This is our very first award night…it’s great…it’s just great to help support independent artists. There are many great ones out there that deserve this kind of opportunity, and we’ve got artists here from all around the world. I’m just very proud of them…this is their night. This is more than just a nomination, it’s kind of a validation…outstanding artists just getting the recognition they deserve.”

The official release date for King’s CD is pending. A limited supply of the CD are made available for purchase at her live performances which are calendared on her website at www.lorikingmusic.com

All photos: by Kevin McClellan. You may place orders by contacting: Raysrae @aol.com or by phone (323) 864-9325

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