el debarge*Known for his hits “I Like It” and “All This Love,” among many others, El Debarge has been through a lot in his career, including drug addiction.

But the 50-year-old singer made a comeback in 2010 with popular album, “Second Chance.” However, shortly after the CD’s release, he went back down that dark road.

50 Cent and Babyface saw the star in need, reached back and picked him up.

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The singer credited the pair to his recovery.

“I started getting these thoughts, and I called 50 cent up, and I said, ‘You gotta help me…I’m already on my way to doing something wrong.’ So 50 came like five cars deep, picked me up right from where I was, got me outta there, they met up with Babyface, they took me into Interscope, we all had a meeting, and they said, ‘Man why don’t you just go to rehab.'”

He explained, however, that his struggle didn’t manifest itself in the physical at that point. The addiction was still in his mind.

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“You have to get your mind right, and you have to have the tools to that you need to stay in recovery.”

In the last days before Whitney’s death, the singer made plans to sing together.

“She said ‘I need you, I wanna finish my album, I want you to sing with me…’ I was just happy that she embraced me like that, and I wanted to do something, but the next thing I know, she was gone,” he adds.