vibe cover (Evelyn, Chrissy, Kandi and Tamar)*Some of the most controversial reality television queens hail on the cover of the latest issue of Vibe.

Evelyn Lozada, Chrissy Lampkin, Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton strike a pose and are being called … “role models.”

Perhaps the theme is a slight on the ladies terrible behavior. Every single one of the ladies is known for their cussin’, fussin’, and/or scrappin’. But known as role models is something of a wonder.


Tamar is a mouthy one with a racy style. Kandi is animated and bold. Chrissy and Evelyn … well, you already know.

Of all the stars, Evelyn has been the exact opposite of a good role model with her behavior mimicking that of a juvenile jail cellmate. She even cussed out Star Jones and challenged her regarding the circulating petition to ban the show from television. But as we recently reported, they’re said to now be friends.

And to Evelyn’s credit, she did apologize overall and even spoke remorsefully about some of her outrageous reactions on the show.

However, Evelyn’s comrades agree that Star has some issues of her own and may even be a little jealous.

“Whatever Star Jones is feeling is a little deeper than what she sees. I think she has her own issues,” said Chrissy, sticking up for Evelyn.

Kandi pointed out that Star must have had some of her own less-than-ladylike moments over the years. “She may not be violent,” Kandi said, “but I’m sure she goes off on people in her day-to-day. I just don’t think it’s fair to block somebody from getting money.”

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