Geoffrey Fletcher*On May 8, creative filmmakers will have the opportunity to produce and direct their own film.

Geoffrey Fletcher, writer of 2009 award-winning film, “Precious,” has partnered with two of the biggest film companies to launch the Tribeca Film Festival and Bombay Sapphire the Imagination Series filmmakers competition.

The contest calls for filmmakers to submit a short film based on a short screenplay written by Fletcher.

“We’re looking for inspiration and passion above all,” Fletcher told The Huffington Post.

“Spending a lot of money [on a production] never guaranteed any inspiration from the heart on any project,” he added. “We really want to make it known that the greatest investment in this piece should be oneself.”
“At the end of the day that’s what resonates and inspires any audience,” Fletcher said.

With the contest, he hopes to inspire and cultivate new talent for the competitive industry.