*Marissa Alexander, the 31-year-old Florida mother of three who is another victim of the Stand Your Ground law, faces a 20-year prison sentence on Friday.

State Attorney Angela Corey disputed “misleading” stories she said Marissa, her family and her attorney have given to the media. But Marissa is now speaking to the media about Corey’s statements.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview by a Loop21 writer with Marissa.

Loop 21: State Attorney Angela Corey believes the media has done a poor job at informing the public about your case, in a way that’s fair to all parties. Is there something missing here?

Marissa Alexander: What’s missing is… unfortunately, Angela Corey is getting bits and pieces (of the story) from somebody who prefers perverted justice, which is Rico Gray. He’s gone on sworn statement and lied several times. So, I find it very difficult for her to believe anything that he has to say.

Loop 21: So, your story (in the media) isn’t inconsistent with anything contained in court records or anything used to prosecute your case?

MA: The truth doesn’t change. My truth has stayed the same. One of (Rico’s) his sons have corroborated my story, as well as Rico’s deposition.

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