roland martin*OK, let’s play some tit for tat.

On Thursday, CNN’s Roland Martin said that a plan by the right-wing to bring up Barack Obama’s past association with Jeremiah Wright could lead to others “putting Mormonism on the table.”

Specifically, the New York Times reported on a proposal by a GOP Super PAC sponsored by billionaire Joe Ricketts that would run commercials tying Obama to Wright, whose sermons, many think, created Obama’s biggest campaign headache in 2008. Mitt Romney, on the other hand rejected the idea as  the “wrong course.”

Martin didn’t waste any words. He called the proposal/idea a “ridiculous conversation,” and said it wouldn’t work.  He also warned that people on the other side of the aisle might be inclined to bring up the issue of Romney’s faith if the plan were followed through.

“If Ricketts wants to do that, if the GOP they want to do that, you’re now putting Mormonism on the table,” Martin said. “You’re now putting on the table how African Americans were treated by the Mormon religion. I don’t think Mitt Romney really wants to have that conversation, considering he was an elder and his dad was an elder, and they really did not embrace African Americans. It is a ridiculous conversation.”