chaka khan (catsuit)Chaka Khan on how She Lost 60 Pounds
*Like Beyonce, Chaka Khan recently dropped 60 pounds thanks to extreme dieting and fasting. She showed off her slimmed-down new look during a performance on the “American Idol” finale last week and confesses it wasn’t easy losing all that weight. “I started out fasting … for four months. I did nothing but liquids; me and my VitaMix were best friends,” she told “Access Hollywood.” “In the morning I’d have a high protein smoothie and in the afternoon I’d have a vegetable smoothie and in the evening I’d have another protein smoothie.”

Mo’Kelly Radio Show Goes National
*Our favorite KFI 640 radio person named Mo’Kelly (Morris O’Kelly) is going national real soon. Mr. Mo’Kelly, when he has time to grace us with his writing, is also a  EURweb columnist. But we digress. Beginning June 16th, The Mo’Kelly Show will also be carried on America’s Talk on XM Radio channel 166! (Saturdays and Sundays from 8-9pm Pacific). It’s Mo’Kelly, bringing his inimitable blend of political analysis, wit and entertainment fare…but with no FCC regulations! The Mo’Kelly Show managed to become syndicated in under two months, after debuting on KFI AM640, the #1 talk station in the nation. The program will be distributed by Premiere Radio Networks. The XM brand of the program promises to be edgier, funnier and delve further into the issues of greatest importance of the week that was.

Drake gets ‘Punk’d’ before MTV Movie Awards
*Oooo wee, this should be fun … everybody watching. Rapper Drake is gonna be the latest victim of a new “Punk’d” episode airing this Sunday, June 3, at 8pm E/P on right before the MTV Movie Awards. “Hip-hop’s favorite punching bag” is going to be the focus of attention once again thanks to veteran prankster Ashton Kutcher. Check out the teaser for Drake’s “Punk’d” episode: