Pilar Sanders and her lawyer Larry Friedman on "Good Morning America," May 10, 2012

*Pilar Sanders followed up her press release yesterday with an appearance on “Good Morning America” to discuss her contentious divorce from Deion Sanders, who appeared on the show last week to tell his side of the ugliness.

To get folks up to speed, Pilar was arrested on April 23 and booked at the Collin County Jail outside of Dallas on allegations that she and someone else assaulted Deion in front of their two children. Deion live-tweeted the incident, saying his two boys “witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room. She’s going to jail and I’m pressing charges!”

And that’s exactly what happened. She was arrested and jailed on domestic violence charges and released on bail the following day, telling press outside that she is innocent. The judge issued an emergency protective order against Pilar, banning her from entering their Texas mansion for the next two months. She’s also prohibited from threatening or harassing any member of the family.

On May 2, Deion told “GMA’s” Robin Roberts that he “never touched” his wife, denying claims that he was abusive toward her.

A gag order in the case was lifted on Wednesday, and this morning, Pilar told “GMA’s” George Stephanopoulos that her husband’s tweets and twitpics relating to their drama “is very sad.”

“[I’m] more than angered, more than disappointed for him to even bring our children into it, but now the world is able to see what I have endured for 13 years,” she said. “No real man would act in such a way.”

Watch her entire interview here.