rick ross and rihanna

Rick Ross gets a smooch from Rihanna

*Rick Ross is arguably one of  the most talked about rapper in the music industry.

Just a few days ago, the Miami/Atlanta rapper held a press conference which is something out of the ordinary for any MC. It’s not like he’s an athlete or a wrestler from the WWE.

But Ross called the press conference to announce something as small as signing singer Omarion.

But it’s him calling such a big event for such a small deal that shows people the confidence and swagger Ross has.

MadameNoire writer Veronica Wells writes about the time she figured out that the rapper was “swagging.” Check out an excerpt of her piece below:

I first learned that Ricky Rozay (my nickname of choice for the rapper) had a certain je ne sais quoi over four years ago when my friend, my sister and I took a little road trip to Chicago. We were listening to Ross’ hit song, “Here I Am,” when my friend started unashamedly confessing her love for the overweight rapper. My friend loves to say things, almost anything, to shock people so my sister and I didn’t take her too seriously at first. But she just kept going. Talking about how Ross could get it, how he would show her around Florida and what not. I was driving but eventually I had to partially turn my neck to ask her, “Are you dead serious right now?” And she said she was. No joke.

My sister and I clowned her and her infatuation. Naturally, we mentioned the fact that Rick Ross sounds like he has a fat tongue and that if they ever did get involved, she’d always have to be on top, so as to avoid suffocation. But we also mentioned the fact that maybe her imaginary boo thang wasn’t the best lyricist either. In “Here I Am” Ross says, “A lot of alphabets, girl I’m a G.” We had to ask her, are there a lot of alphabets or are there a lot of letters? It was something she should certainly bring up on their imminent first date. She laughed and conceded that that wasn’t the best line but she wasn’t wavering on her lust for the man. I thought she was off but my friend is a known chubby chaser, with a thang for Floridian men, so I didn’t put too much thought into it.

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