tia mowry & baby cree*She may have gotten the boot from “The Game,” but that didn’t stop Tia Mowry-Hardrict from hangin’ with Wendy Williams.

That’s right, on Tuesday, Mowry-Hardrict was a riot on the “Wendy Williams Show,” discussing motherhood, being pregnant, breastfeeding, her tight vajayjay, and gas.

She appeared on the show with her big ol’ 10-month-old son Cree, whom she said she breastfed for three months. The actress said there’s a point when kids should stop using the nipple … when they have teeth. The woman who appears on the recent TIME magazine cover is a bit extreme she commented.

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Now that motherhood has begun and the pregnancy is finally over, she said her sex drive has gone through the roof; so much she’s interested in a threesome. But her hubby Cory isn’t on board with that.

But maybe it’s not a good idea anyway since she’s got these new problems: she urinated while laughing and has uncontrollable gas.

Yikes, TMI.

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On keeping her goods nice and tight, she said a C-section helped with that. But the downside was the slow recovery.

In her new book, “Oh Baby!” Tia gets real about pregnancy and shares some advice to expecting mothers.

“I just wanted to share with all of the expecting moms out there, what it’s like basically being pregnant,” Tia said in a Penguin Publishing video. “I think the main reason why I wanted to write this book is because I wanted it to be a great experience and a fun experience because being pregnant can be scary.”