bruce ratner & jay-z

Bruce Ratner and jay-Z

*When the Barclays Center in Brooklyn opens its doors for the first time September 28 Jay Z will its first performer. It will no doubt be extra special for him.

He was born and raised in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene public housing projects. The rap mogul is also among the owners of the arena and its basketball team, the Brooklyn Nets.

Bruce Ratner is majority owner and developer of the project and in an exclusive interview, he was asked what he thought about being in partnership with the man born Shawn Corey Carter, better known as Jay Z.

“Jay Z is not only a great artist, lyricist, and you know, performer, but he’s also a very good businessperson. He has very good judgment. He does everything from design our logo to help us make decisions about what kind of restaurants should be in the arena or what basketball players ought to be focused on. So, he’s a person who has tremendous breadth of knowledge and tremendous abilities in all kinds of areas whether it be business or music or design.”

Ratner is excited about gospel music coming to the Barclays Center. He made this pronouncement about Brooklyn and gospel:

“Brooklyn has often been called the home of churches, but it is also the home of gospel. We have great gospel singers that have come out of Brooklyn. Every single Sunday throughout this borough it rings of gospel. So, how appropriate that the home of gospel should be right here in Brooklyn, the Barclays Center.”

Barclays Center will host four of the most successful performers in gospel music history, Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp, Donnie McClurkin and Israel Houghton, for ‘The King’s Men’ tour on Sunday, October 14. There will be a number of other gospel shows. For more information visit

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