ed gordon (radio promo pic)*The man with the face for TV has moved on to radio.

Ed Gordon has been counted amongst the journalism elite in the African American community for at least a couple of decades and now, after years of appearing on TV – BET in particular – the veteran, straight-shooting news orator is now being heard on the radio. He’s bringing a mix of music, interviews, advice, hot topic discussion and entertainment to the airwaves.

The award-winning journalist’s 2-hour new vehicle, “Weekend with Ed Gordon,” is airing in Detroit on WMXD FM on Sundays from noon till 2pm, and in Washington, DC via WHUR FM on Saturdays from 7-9am. Other markets are being recruited and will be added.

“We received immediate positive feedback to the superstar interviews, music, and topics people really want to hear about. A whole new way of looking at Ed Gordon, it’s a hit,” says WHUR program director Maxx Myrick.

K.J. Holiday, PD of Mix 92.3 in Detroit, had this to say about the new endeavor:

“Weekend with Ed Gordon is just what I was looking for … this show is entertaining, intelligent, and the music is top-notch, not to mention some of the best interviews I’ve heard in a long time,”

But talent thirsty program directors and fans hungry for quality entertainment aside, Gordon himself is head over heels about the new concept as well.

“I love music and this program is like a dream come true for me. It lets me do all the things I love… Hot topics, big interviews and I get to play music. Plus, the team we’ve put together is all-star, including our executive producer and long-time radio man, Gerald McBride.”

As is the case with anything worth doing, you have to have a game plan. Here’s how it’s going to go down:

– Star Story will give an inside look at the careers and lives of some of the biggest names in music while “That’s My Jam” will have celebrities and newsmakers talk about the song they couldn’t stop rewinding back in the day.

– Judge Lynn Toler of “Divorce Court will give relationship advise while “Legal Letters with Judge Hatchett” will feature Judge Glenda Hatchett fielding legal questions from listeners. Sounds like this show is “down by law” already!

– Meanwhile “Hot Topics with Boyce Watkins” will feature the famed social blogger as he takes on the week’s hot topics.

– Joe Torry will be bringing his unique comedy to the fore as he looks at headlines and news from around the world.

– The man himself brings everything to a head with “Week’s Best” as Gordon gives his personal slant on upcoming films, television, books, the works.

“This is the kind of show so many people have been looking for,” Gordon says. “It’s fun, smart and entertaining. We are looking forward to coming to other cities and giving them the grown folks radio we’ve given to Detroit and DC.”

If you haven’t had the thrill of hearing for yourself, just click the player below to get a taste of it. But if you live in Motown or Chocolate City, we’re sure Ed and the gang would prefer you tune in and check it out live.

Sounds great, Ed. Sounds great.

By the way, Ed wanted us to know about the show “especially since my favorite radio program (Lee Bailey’s) RadioScope was a forerunner!!!”

That right there couldn’t help but bring a big ol’ smile to Mr. Bailey’s grill. It’s nice to know that Ed was inspired by EURweb’s fearless leader [  😉  ] and has taken it to the next level.

Go ‘head Ed!