erykah badu*The first time we saw Erykah Badu’s new video for her quirky version of the classic Roberta Flack song “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” all we could say was “What tha …?”

Of course Madame Badu is no stranger to getting bucky naked. We all remember her nude stroll through the streets of downtown Dallas a couple of years ago for her video for “Window Seat.” If you thought she showed it all then, wait ’till you see what she’s showing now. Well actually wait ’til you see what her SISTER, Nayrok Badu is showing. It’s obvious Nayrok is very comfortable being filmed naked. And sister Erykah is very proud of her for doing so.

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While, the intense video, from the rock band Flaming Lips’ new CD “Heady Fwends,”   shows lots “tasteful” nudity, it’s not even remotely in the same class as Brian McKnight’s latest creative binges, but it’s also very NSFW!

So, if you’re ready, take a peek below and let us know whatchoo think. 😉