evelyn lozada & jennifer williams*Some people may still be caught up in the conflict between Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams, but one of the “Basketball Wives” stars has her sights set on bigger things. Namely a new book (“The Inner Circle”), spin-off reality show and upcoming wedding to NFL star Chad Ochocinco for Lozada. To hear the reality star tell it, the beef is squashed.

“The bottom line is I took that opportunity to bury the hatchet. I buried the hatched because not only was it negative energy and just so much drama. I didn’t want to continue with the fighting and the arguing. So I apologized,” Lozada explained to EUR’s Lee Bailey, concerning the olive branch extended during the recent “Basketball Wives” reunion show. “I told her after that because I didn’t want her to think it was a reunion thing. So after that I told her I said ‘I meant what I said.’ And she was like ‘Thank you.’ She wished me a happy Mother’s Day. But, you know, there is still legal things going on with friends of hers that I’m friends with.  It’s a touchy situation…I’m not saying we’re not never gonna be friends again, but one step at a time. That’s the only thing that I can say, one step at a time.”

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Resolving her issues with Williams comes as Lozada focuses on her wedding to Ochocinco (Chad Johnson). And while things seem okay, fans should not expect Williams to be among the event’s guests.

“We’re not like ‘oh hey, come be a bridesmaid at my wedding. I can’t do that.’ She hasn’t been invited because everything just happened … there were things that were said about Chad in interviews and that’s where a lot of all of this drama stems from. I don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable,” Lozada said. “…When me and Chad, when we got engaged, there was so much controversy surrounding us. Oh, they’re just doing this for a show. They are media whores. I’m like ‘We’re really together.’ People had a lot of negative things to say and she was one of those people that just wasn’t … and that’s what hurt me the most because I’m like ‘We’ve been friends. Even if I felt this way about your man, I’m not gonna publicly say that because that’s you’re man. And that’s what bothered me.

chad & evelynDespite Williams going public with her issues with Ochocinco, Lozada refuses to follow suit as she labeled the act as “a no no because I never talked about her and Eric Williams.

“Never said anything about their relationship. And I know a lot because I was there from the beginning to the end. I never said one negative thing about that man. Not one.”

In the meanwhile, Lozada is gearing up for her new VH1 reality series, “The Ev and Cinco Show,” which will chronicle her upcoming nuptials, among other things. Unlike the traditional set-up, Ochocinco will be the one walking down the aisle instead of his fiancé.

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“He wanted it to be the opposite way. I’m like ‘are you insane? I’m not doing that. I’m like ‘I’m not gonna stand there with my dress on… So we had to think of something so he could have his moment.”

We can’t wait to find out just what that could be. But we have to admit his crazy, stupid idea would’ve been interesting to see. 🙂

The “Ev and Cinco Show” is scheduled to premiere in September. Although she is excited about marrying the football star, Lozada is adamant about keeping her last name.

“I’m just gonna hyphen and figure out what that last name is gonna be because I have my own identity outside of Chad and my own brand that I’m working on,” the I don’t wanna just be Evelyn Ochocinco,” she stated, adding that she has a clothing line on the way in the Spring. “I’m very comfortable in my skin. Do I always make the right decisions? No, but I’m very comfortable and I’m happy. God is good.”