*If Jamie Foxx has his way, he’ll go from playing a freed slave in “Django Unchained” to the president of the United States in the upcoming Roland Emmerich film “White House Down.”


Variety reports that the Oscar winner, currently filming “Django” in New Orleans [scroll down for the trailer], is in talks for “White House Down,” which follows a Secret Service agent who must save the president following a raid on the Oval Office.

Sources tell Variety that Foxx is intrigued by the presidential role and his reps have engaged Emmerich: “Official negotiations haven’t begun as Foxx has yet to receive an actual offer, but both sides will continue to pursue the deal.”

Channing Tatum will star as the Secret Service agent who leaps into action to defend the President when a paramilitary group takes over the White House and holds everyone inside hostage.

Below is the first, full-length teaser trailer for “Django Unchained,” in theaters Christmas 2012.