Julissa Bermudez kisses then boyfriend Larry Johnson at his 28th birthday party on Nov. 19, 2007 in New York City

*Viewers of Style network’s “Empire Girls” were witness to Julissa Bermudez’s emotions overflowing when she encountered her ex-boyfriend, NFL running back Larry Johnson, outside a nightclub. [Scroll down to watch the awkward moment.]


The run-in was quickly followed by a drink date, where Julissa – who met LJ in 2005 when she was hosting BET’s “106 & Park” and he was a guest – couldn’t hold back her tears of frustration as LJ beamed about how he’s stopped drinking, how proud he is to be a dad and how happily in love he is with his baby’s mom.

Each revelation, Julissa told her friends later, was like a dagger in her heart. During he three year relationship with the athlete, she says he drank to excess, wasn’t trying to be faithful and – although he wanted a baby – wasn’t yet ready to be a father. The couple ended up breaking off their engagement in June 2008.

Cut to Sunday’s episode, where good friend Angie Martinez of New York’s Hot 97 pointed out that Julissa’s tears and constant chatter about him since their “chance” encounter outside the club must mean she still has feelings for him.

Below, Julissa and her “Empire Girls” co-star Adrianne Bailon (who once dated Rob Kardashian) ponder one of the questions raised on their reality show: With two years to go before turning 30, should they have sacrificed their career ambitions and focused more on finding the right man to start a family – like most of their friends have done?

Below, Julissa is speechless when she sees her ex-fiance.