karrine steffans*She’s no stranger to controversy.

Karrine Steffans, also known as “Superhead,” recently had an interview with Madamenoire.com and she talked about a lot…as usual.

The woman most known for her relationship with Lil Wayne, her emasculation of Eddie Winslow and her books, is back to talk about all of those topics and more.

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Check out an excerpt from the interview below:

On what she does for a living

“I get this question a lot because I think people want me to define my brand and myself and people cant seem to get a grasp on me what I’m doing and why. I can’t define myself. I’m indefinable. I do what I do. I’m just living my life the way that I live my life. There are a lot of businesses that I own. I do a lot of everything and so if I’m able to share that some of it I can’t, some of it I’m just starting to share now and I do. I just don’t think that I can be defined; I don’t think anyone should be defined and put into a box because you begin to think that you are only this one thing. I just live my life and I do some of that publicly.”

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